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Vipp 15 Marie's Yellow Pedalbehälter, 14 L

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Marie’s Yellow is a tribute to the woman behind Vipp’s founder. Her favourite colour yellow now dresses a limited-edition version of her husband’s iconic pedal bin.


'Without my mother's entrepreneurial mindset and promotion of the bin in her salon, Vipp would not be where it is today. So, it’s about time that we dedicate a Vipp collection to her – suitably dressed in her favourite colour, yellow.'


"Holger, I need a waste bin for my salon. Can you make me one?"

These words mark the beginning of Vipp when Marie Axelsen asks her husband, Holger Nielsen, to craft a waste bin for her hairdressing salon in 1939. As a certified metal smith, Holger knows what a quality tool is and with this in mind he makes a bin for his wife. He names the bin Vipp, meaning 'tilt' in Danish.


Marie Axelsen
Marie stood out in a time where women were stay-at-home housewives. Starting your own business as a woman was unheard of in the 1930s. Nevertheless, Marie managed to combine family life with an entrepreneurial career running her own hairdressing salon in Randers with ten employees for 65 years until she retired at the age of 83.

Marie Axelsen was born 30 June 1916 in the small town of Randers, Denmark. She grew up across the street from the local hairdresser, where she spent her afternoons serving coffee and biscuits for the ladies waiting for their 6-hours perm. Here, she began an apprenticeship at the age of 14 and after receiving her diploma, she worked in Uppsala, Sweden to earn money that would help realize her dream of opening her own salon. The local dance teacher and metalsmith in Randers, Holger Nielsen made Marie return to her roots in Randers in 1939 – the year she opened her own salon.

Marie's Yellow
Left: On a trip to London in 1960, Jette is pictured with her mother wearing one of her many yellow dresses.

“We have celebrated my father and his pedal bin incessantly at Vipp. And with good reason, since the company is built on his product. But it’s time to highlight the role that my mother played in this success story”, says Jette Egelund, daughter of Marie and Holger.

Product details

Materialien: Powder-coated steel, stainless steel, silicone.

Maße: Ø x H x D: 30 x 52 x 36 cm (Ø measured by floor)

Volumen: 14 L